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A Tribute to Dr Michelle Bishop

A Tribute to Dr Michelle Bishop

Written by Judith Richardson

It is with sad heart we let you know that one of Effectiveness Training’s champions passed away in January.  Michelle Bishop has been in our community for over 27years.

Cheryl Barr and myself first met Michelle at Landmark Education 27 years ago where we did lots of training together.  Cheryl went on to teach us both PET and we then did our  Instructor Training together shortly after.  As a single mother of three and a full time Radiation Oncologist, Michelle quickly mastered the skills in both settings and has advocated for our programs ever since.   

Michelle was very influential in her work environment, modelled the skills so beautifully that she inspired her colleagues to further their education in the “soft skills”.   Michelle was well respected and loved by her colleagues and patients alike who appreciated her remarkable empathy and kindness.  She introduced the programs and skills widely at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute in Melbourne which resulted in Cheryl teaching large groups of Surgeons, Registrars and Interns and other health professionals at Box Hill Hospital over a 4 year period. 

She has been such a support in ETIA Vic over the years adding her love of the skills and her warmth and humour to our committee, trainings and social gatherings. Those who were at the ETIA Vic Xmas lunch at Michelle’s lovely riverside home on Feb 2018 will remember fondly that fabulous day out on her farm where she retired a few years back.   

We will miss you Michelle Bishop.

By Judith Richardson (EITA Trainer)

Judith Richardson

Judith Richardson


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