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Instructor Interview: Jacqui Bowden

Instructor Interview: Jacqui Bowden

Written by Kathryn Tonges

Thank you Jacqui for agreeing to be interviewed. My hope is that other instructors will be inspired to write blogs such as the real life example between you and your son that is now on the ETIA website, “Empathy, Vulnerability and Asking for Their Help”.

Jacqui please tell us a little about yourself?

I’m 36 years old and in a long-term relationship with my partner Darren. We have a 4 year old son Max, two dogs and a pet fighter fish called ‘Monster’ (lol).

I live in Tallebudgera on the Gold Coast and have been a stay at home mum for the last 4 years whilst also running the accounts for our Concreting and Machinery Hire Business. We spend a lot of time at the beach and local creeks and generally doing outdoor activities (so my house remains intact lol), I am one of the local playgroup leaders so we spend a lot of creative time there also.

I feel very lucky everyday and try to convey this to Max so he can learn to appreciate our life as a family.

What inspired you to become a P.E.T. instructor (how you first heard about P.E.T. as well)? 

I trained in the P.E.T course after hearing about it from a friend of mine. It was phenomenal how it just clicked in my mind as the missing piece of the puzzle. I felt I was trying my very best to honour Max but this just took it to a whole new level and allowed me to build such a connected and healthy relationship with him that I know will outlast any of my previous techniques.

Once I had finished training I couldn’t help but talk about it and share the amazing insights with everyone. After a few months of this I figured it would be best if I was able to share the amazing insights and techniques with other mums just like me and reach a wider audience. So there began my journey to becoming a PET instructor. I have also struggled through some chronic health issues so I can see great value in supporting others maybe in the same boat with tools that actually require nothing other than your commitment to build a more peaceful and connected life.

Congratulations Jacqui, you have earlier in the year completed your P.E.T. Instructor Training and now COVID has created restrictions. How are you keeping yourself motivated?

I am based in Qld so feel very lucky that we are still able to get around and deliver training face-to-face. I have been busy setting up my business and getting marketing material and flyers distributed. I look forward to joining BYB training so I am able to add this to my skill set.

What are your future plans as a P.E.T. Instructor?

To reach out to as many parents, grandparents & couples I can to offer this training as a platform to conscious communication and even a starting point to personal change and empowerment.

My passion is in children and their amazing trust in us and individuality. Everything I do including PET training will be aimed at guiding parents to make their children feel enough always.

You have written a blog for ETIA to use to share with parents. It is so heartfelt and inspiring as well as it reflects your use of the P.E.T. skills. Is this your first blog and what would you say to other instructors who would like to write a blog but might be feeling a little daunted by the idea?

Thank you so much! It is my first blog and I honestly wrote it in one sitting. I just sat down and recalled a really nice moment that felt intuitively right to me and it flowed out. My only advice would be just write down real things even ideas you are yet to try out, then try them out and write about that. From personal experience, I know the times I have just shared a story have always landed better than giving advice, so I go with that now. Thank-you Judith for inspiring this.

Thank you Jacqui and all the very best with your planned P.E.T. book clubs and courses that you have planned on the Gold Coast.

Kathryn Tonges

Kathryn Tonges

Online Australia & NZ, QLD

I have been deeply rewarded seeing positive transformations in families by teaching P.E.T. effective communication skills since 1978. My two sons are now parents, and I am witness to their natural use of P.E.T. skills in all their interactions with children and people. My passion is to share these skills with others through these options: 1. Parent Effectiveness Training - for parents, grandparents, carers. 2. Be Your Best – personal empowerment skills for self, relationships, and the workplace. 3. Teacher Effectiveness Training – increases the quality of interactions between student and teacher with more teaching-learning time. 4. Instructor Training - I am a Master Trainer of P.E.T., B.Y.B., T.E.T. and Y.E.T. for ETIA Ltd. In my teaching career I taught from early childhood to tertiary level focusing on Child Development and Communication Skills. I lived in Beijing for seven years and conducted P.E.T. and B.Y.B. courses for expatriates as well as training expatriates to become P.E.T. instructors. I have written for parenting magazines in Beijing and Australia and blog for my website The Parent Within ( Whilst in Beijing I co-authored a book with P.E.T. Instructors I had trained, to help expatriate children cope with the changes in their life. In the last couple of years I have taken on the position of President of ETIA Ltd. Children, parenting, and effective communications continues to be my passion as I share these courses both online (Australia and NZ) or face to face in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast as well as coaching parents individually.

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