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Interview Script: potential participant’s needs/market research

Interview Script: potential participant’s needs/market research

Written by Judith Richardson

The interview script can be used in a number of settings and for different purposes, the following are just some of the possible applications: 

  • You want to make contact with potential participants – in a sales context.  Ask them if they would be willing to help you with getting feedback on a program you are offering. 
  • You are wanting to find out what motivates parents to want to get help and attend training – if you interviewed 10-15 people you would get a good sense of your potential participants needs.  We often make assumptions about our potential parents needs. 
  • Once you have this info, your marketing materials can be tailored so you are speaking directly to your clients pain points. 
  • If you had a group of parents you were addressing you could get them in pairs and interview each other.  Creates connection and would be a great way to then introduce PET to them?  
  • If you were working 1:1 with parents and wanted to quickly arrive at their underlying issues/problems.
  • If someone contacted you and they were interested in learning more about what you do?
  • Either use it session 1 or pre-class to help participants focus on their desired outcomes and also a way of finding out their current challenges.
  • A Facebook post “What are your greatest challenge you struggle with as a parent?” Etc 

The script could be modified for purpose.  Let your imagination have fun in finding ways to weave it into you business… 

The Interview Script was presented at a recent professional development for ETIA Instructors titled “Getting Participants to Your Course”.

Judith Richardson

Judith Richardson


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