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Chinese speaking class
8 Wednesday sessions

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Sophie Nie

Apr 28, 2021 - Jun 16, 2021

Doncaster, VIC


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Sophie Nie

Sophie Nie

Doncaster, Melbourne, VIC

I have been trying for years to find ways to improve parent-child relationship as well as all interpersonal relationships. P.E.T. (Parent Effectiveness Training) program is the best and ultimate solution. It has brought me to a new world and completely changed my view towards life and relationship. As a P.E.T. instructor, I am happy to share with parents how P.E.T. program works magically on improving parent-child relationship and facilitating personal growth. Having achieved Master of Arts in teaching, I am professional and passionate in facilitating people through learning process. With Chinese background, I offer P.E.T. courses in Chinese and English language. M: 0419836933 E: [email protected]

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The Trouble with Time Out

The Trouble with Time Out

Written by Larissa Dann

In our quest to parent effectively, to do the best by our children, ourselves and our family, we think carefully about the best way to discipline our child.

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About ETIA

The Effectiveness Training Institute of Australia (ETIA) Ltd is a not-for-profit, community based organisation that is dedicated to making courses in communication and conflict resolution skills available and accessible to all people in Australia.

ETIA’s mission is to provide individuals with effective communication and conflict resolution skills to build connected, harmonious relationships.

Our inspiration and programs come from the late Dr Thomas Gordon who is the author and founder of Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) program and Gordon Training International (GTI).

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