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Raise Robust, Responsible Children With Our Practical Parent Effectiveness Training

Parenting is such a joy but oh so stressful. This dynamic is especially real for modern, conscious parents wanting to avoid traditional parenting styles and blueprints. While nothing can alter the twists and turns of life, our Parent Effectiveness Training (PET) can help support you in raising happy, emotionally healthy, secure, and resilient children...

What Makes Our Parenting Programs Unique?

We have based our parenting courses on a philosophy of respect – for your needs and feelings, those of your children, family, and your child's primary teacher, for example. A focus on changing behaviour is not enough. Instead, our training addresses the underlying emotions, helping to develop relevant emotional and social understanding and skills.

Leverage Comprehension and Compassion

Our approach helps yield long-lasting change and greater relationship connection without relying on coercive or punitive behaviour management such as negative consequences, threats, timeouts, bribes or rewards. As a result, children are also more content, disciplined, co-operative, and responsible, parents, carers, and educators are more relaxed, and parenting and teaching are easier and more fun.

Learn Healthy and Effective Parenting Communication Today

Rely on our face-to-face or online course to enhance listening, connection, and talking skills. Our parenting classes are also for carers and guardians from all cultures and backgrounds, including grandparents, foster parents, and single parents. At the end of our course, you'll feel more confident in active listening, relationship and preventative skills, resolving conflict, and more.

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About P.E.T.

Parenting just got Easier!

Parenting just got Easier!

Judith Richardson

Sep 12, 2023 - Oct 31, 2023

Course held on Zoom: Join from anywhere in Australia and NZ, VIC

In my experience, only great parents practice P.E.T. I have worked with hundreds of parents committed to creating healthy relationships with their kids for nearly 30 years. I look forward to sharing these transformative skills with you too.

The Heart & Science of Parenting

The Heart & Science of Parenting

Kate Horne

Aug 10, 2023 - Nov 9, 2023

Upper Ferntree Gully, VIC

This course integrates practices grounded in neurobiology, modern attachment theory and emotional regulation taught alongside the relationship-based, communication skills framework of the Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) program.

P.E.T Online zoom program

P.E.T Online zoom program

Jacqui Bowden

Aug 22, 2023 - Oct 10, 2023

Online via zoom - Australia, QLD

P.E.T’s heartfelt and honest communication is key to long-lasting family bonds that can withstand the most challenging years.

Loving Family | About ETIA

About ETIA

The Effectiveness Training Institute of Australia (ETIA) Ltd is a not-for-profit, community based organisation that is dedicated to making courses in communication and conflict resolution skills available and accessible to all people in Australia.

ETIA’s mission is to provide individuals with effective communication and conflict resolution skills to build connected, harmonious relationships.

Our inspiration and programs come from the late Dr Thomas Gordon who is the author and founder of Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) program and Gordon Training International (GTI).

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